Bundle Pack: Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Babysense 7 Under-The-Mattress Baby Movement Monitor


  • BUNDLE PACK: BABYSENSE VIDEO BABY MONITOR combined with BABYSENSE 7 Baby Movement Monitor – Provides Optimal Protection
  • 2.4 INCH HIGH QUALITY VIDEO BABY MONITOR – Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology – Provides high definition and stable streaming, secure interference-free connection and crystal clear digital vision & sound.
  • UNDER-THE-MATTRESS MOVEMENT MONITOR – Now with enhances sensitivity – This highly sensitive non-touch device monitors a baby’s micro-movements through the mattress. It includes two sensor pads to cover the entire crib area without touching the baby or disrupting baby’s sleep.
  • VIDEO MONITOR PROVIDES REACH FEATURES – Room Temperature Monitoring with High/Low Temperature Alerts, Eco Mode Voice Activation, Sound Activated LED Indicators, Alarm/Timer Setting, 2x Digital Zoom, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras), Lullabies, Digital Pan/Tilt, Auto Scan View, Tabletop or Wall Mounting Options
  • RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY – Babysense is the original patented and first non-touch movement monitor of its kind. It has been around the world since 1992 and has helped protecting millions of infants.


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1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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NEW Babysense 7 Baby Movement Monitor

Babysense 7 is the original and first non-touch monitor of its kind, intended for detection of cessation of movements in infants.

Babysense 7 is a highly sensitive non-touch device that monitors a baby’s micro-movements through the mattress during sleep and gives an alert to caretakers if the infant’s micro-movements stop or become irregularly slow.

Babysense movement monitors were developed because caretakers cannot easily provide 24 hour surveillance of an infant that is necessary in view of the dangers that may face infants in hospitals and at home during their early stages of development.


The use of the Babysense baby movement monitor during the infants’ rest periods provides them a sense of comfort and allows them to sleep and rest better knowing that their baby’s movements are constantly being monitored.

Babysense’s highly effective monitoring system has helped protecting millions of babies around the world.

Babysense was extensively tested in hospitals and provides parents and healthcare providers with enhanced means to monitor an infants’ movements.


  • Auditory and visual (red light) alarm is activated if movements stop or become irregularly slow.
  • Two highly sensitive sensors cover the entire crib area without touching the baby.
  • Hidden connecting wires.
  • Babysense has more than 20 years of experience throughout Europe, Japan, Israel and other countries worldwide.
  • Suitable for infants from birth.
  • Easy one-button activation.
  • The passive sensors are totally safe and emit no radiation of any kind that may harm the baby.
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)

How it works:

Babysense is a highly sensitive device that monitors and detects even the slightest movements through the mattress.

The control unit is connected to sensor pads placed between infant’s mattress and crib or bed base. The included hook attaches to the crib bottom so that no wires are exposed to the baby’s environment.

Babysense sounds an alarm alerting to check the baby if no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds or if the movement rate slows to less than 10 micro-movements per minute.

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Download User Manual


Babysense is listed as a Medical Device as per Ministry of Health in Europe, Israel, Japan, Korea, Australia and other countries worldwide.

Babysense is a Class IIb CE Certified Medical Device approved to Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (Annex II).

Babysense has received numerous parenting awards.


Tech Specs:

  • Requires 4 AA Alkaline Batteries (not supplied)
  • 2 round sensor pads size 8.5 inches (21.6 cm)
  • Power consumption approx. 1mA
  • Battery life approx. 6 months using high quality alkaline batteries
  • Alarm volume typically 85dB SPL at distance of one meter from control unit
  • Illumination typically 2mCD



Babysense Video Baby Monitor 


• 2.4 Inch High Definition Color LCD
• Secure Interference Free Connection
• 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission
• Long Range Up to 900 ft (Open space)
• Two-Way Talk-Back Communication
• ECO Mode Voice Activation
• 2x Digital Zoom
• Lullabies
• Alarm / Timer Setting
• Digital Pan / Tilt
• Auto Infrared Night Vision
• Sound Activated LED Indicator
• Fully Adjustable Brightness / Volume
• Room Temperature Display
• High / Low Temperature Alarm
• Battery Level Indicator
• Multi-Camera Expandability
• Auto Scan View
• Out Of Range Warning
• Low Battery Warning
• Li-ion Battery Intelligent Charging
• Built-in Support Stand



Portability – Two-Way Talk Back Communication – Long Range


The portable parent unit can move around with you, enabling you to hear, see or talk to your baby no matter where you are in the house.

Two Way Talk Back Communication
Comfort your baby with the sound of your own voice by using the two-way talk back system.

Long Range
Up to 900 feet (open space) with out-of-range warning.


Auto Infrared Night Vision – 2x Digital Zoom


Auto Infrared Night Vision
Rest assured knowing you’ll see your baby day and night.

The Infrared Night Vision will automatically detect dim light, providing clear video even in dark rooms, so you will always know what your baby is doing.

2x Digital Zoom
Allows to watch your baby more closely. The monitor features digital zoom allowing you to get a closer view of the image on screen.

With the touch of a button, you can zoom in to watch your baby sleeping or catch a precious moment as they are waking up.



Room Temperature Monitoring – Lullabies – ECO Mode


Room Temperature Monitoring
Constantly monitors the temperature in your baby’s room and alerts you when it is too hot (over 90°F) or too cold (below 55°F).
Allows to ensure your baby stays in a comfort and safe environment at all times.

Lull your baby to sleep with pre-programmed polyphonic lullabies. Operated remotely from the parent unit.

ECO Mode
The ECO mode is a sound activated power saving mode. With ECO mode on, screen on your parent units turns off if the baby unit does not detect any sounds in your baby’s room. The monitor screen will automatically light up and start transmitting sound and video signal once sounds are detected by the baby unit.
Allows to control the sound activation level (Low, Medium or High).



Inside the box

Baby Movement Monitor:

Control Unit x 1
Sensor Pad x 2
Control Unit Holder x 1
Hanging Hook x 1
User Manual x 1

Video Baby Monitor:

Parent Unit x 1
Baby Unit x 1
Power Adapter x 2
User Manual x 1
Built-in Li-ion Battery



A special price

$206.98  $149.99


1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Human Customer Service at 877-780-3033

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Dimensions8 x 3 x 6 in