How does the Babysense 7 work?

Babysense is more than just a commonly known MOVEMENT MONITOR!

All other available devices are only simple movement monitoring devices. Their alarm sounds if movement isn’t sensed after 20 seconds. Thus caregivers will not be notified about potential threats before the actual cessation of movement.

Babysense is a highly sensitive device that monitors and detects even the slightest movements through the mattress. Babysenses’ algorithms register the actual rate of movement, not only its presence or absence. Babysense alarms when no micro-movement is detected within 20 seconds or if the movement rate slows to less than 10 movements per minute. Caregivers can be alerted about a potential threat before it strikes, giving critical time to intervene.

The control unit is connected to sensor pads placed between infant’s mattress and crib/bed base. The included control unit holder attaches to the crib bottom so that no wires are exposed to the baby’s environment.

Also, unlike other monitoring devices, only Babysense will not reset. Once the alarm is triggered, it can be stopped only by switching the Babysense monitor off. Recovery of movement can’t stop the alarm. This ensures that even a single “non-movement” episode will alert the parents.