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Premature baby characteristics

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Characteristics of a Premature Baby Each premature baby may show different characteristics. The following are the most common characteristics of a premature baby, often weighing less than 5 ½ lbs: Thin, shiny, pink or red skin Veins visible through skin Very little body fat Little scalp hair May have lots of lanugo (soft body hair) Weak [...]

Premature Babies

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Premature Babies The birth of a baby is naturally a happy event, but when that baby is born too early or is very sick, it can be a frightening experience. The healthcare team understands how shocking and upsetting it can be. To help make it easier, they will work with the parents and other family members [...]

Oh no! May baby has diaper rash. Now what?

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Diaper Rash Parents may feel as if they are terrible or doing something wrong when a diaper rash appears on their newborn. The truth is, sometimes even the most attentive parents may find their baby with a diaper rash. A diaper rash is mainly due to skin irritation. This irritation can be caused by diapers that [...]

Baby Senses

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Newborn Senses Your newborn baby enters this world with all of his senses functioning. Sometimes, as a new parent, it is hard for you to know and understand what it is he feels, sees and needs. You know he cries, sleeps, eats and you change his diapers...a lot! Below are some of the ways your newborn [...]

What your baby smells?

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What Your Baby Smells We assume that a baby has a keen sense of smell because we know that they can taste. These two senses are very closely intertwined. The brain's olfactory (smell) center also forms early in the womb during an infant's development. In the early days, an infant will show preference to his mother, [...]

Getting to know your baby!

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Getting to know your newborn Infant Behavior Babies learn to understand their parents relatively fast. From the tone of your voice to the way or rhythm in which you say things to your infant, he is learning to respond to you. All of the small differences of your particular communication style are what capture his attention... [...]

Dealing with diaper rash.

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Diaper Rash When washing the baby's clothes, use a mild, unscented detergent. There are special detergents on the market just for babies. Parents may feel as if they are terrible or doing something wrong when a diaper rash appears on their newborn. The truth is, sometimes even the most attentive parents may find their baby with [...]

Looking for some reading material during your Pregnancy? Here are some titles suggested by International Dula.

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There are so many options in childbirth preparation literature so they have done the work for you by breaking them down by Citizen (for the average woman, safe to give at a baby shower without offending); Seeker (for the woman who is looking into her options, but not yet sure what she wants); and Sold (for [...]

Time to reconsider cloth diapering?

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Cloth Diapers: The Basics For disposable users out there who wince when contemplating your family's personal contribution to the local landfill, cloth diapers are an option you may want to consider. They're not what they once were.Say goodbye to your notions of the pins, the big square pieces of cotton, leaky kids, and the daunting task [...]

Your infant’s first visit to the eye doc should happen between 6-12 month of age. Surprised?

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Public health experts recommend that children visit an eye care professional in the first year of life - one of the most critical stages of visual development - to identify the potential for eye and vision problems. In fact, Health People 2010, a set of health objectives for the nation to achieve over the first decade [...]