The Miracle of Birth (part 1)

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The Miracle of Birth Having a baby will impact your life in so many ways. The fact of the matter is that it is also an incredible change for your baby. All he has known is the peace and warmth of your womb. Now, he must adapt to this brand new world, which is totally foreign. [...]

The Miracle of Birth (part 2)

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Reflexes at Birth Although your baby may appear to be fragile and defenseless, there are some built-in protective reflexes present at birth. Healthy newborns show certain reflexes that are checked for by your healthcare team. These reflexes are automatic responses to certain stimuli and help identify normal brain and nerve activity. Most of these newborn reflexes [...]

The Miracle of Birth (Part 3)

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Becoming Acquainted with Your Baby Years ago. babies would spend the majority of their hospital stay in the newborn nursery. Today, parents, as well as the healthcare team, know how important it is for babies to stay with their families as much as possible. Family centered maternity care is when the new mother and her partner [...]

The Miracle of Birth (Part 4)

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What Will My Baby Look Like? The day has arrived...what you have been waiting for over the past nine months. You and your partner have spent all these months wondering, dreaming and talking about what your baby will look like. But, on the other hand, you will be no different from many other new parents in [...]

Baby’s Warning Signs and Reportable Symptoms

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Reportable Symptoms Even experienced parents may feel worried as they adjust to a new baby's habits, needs and personality. It is important to remember that most of the common physical problems that occur during a given 24 hours with baby are normal situations or problems with simple answers. If the following symptoms of illness occur, a [...]

Good foods for new moms!

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As a new mom, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby is to eat a healthy diet. Even though you may be in a hurry to lose those pregnancy pounds, regularly eating foods that boost energy for new moms will give you the stamina you need to be the best [...]

More on Bath Time!

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Bathing and Care Sponge Bathing Until your baby's umbilical cord is healed, and if you have a boy, the circumcision is healed your healthcare provider may instruct you to sponge bathe your baby. The first bath you give your baby as you get home from the hospital may be scary. Your whole family and the neighbors [...]

Premature baby characteristics

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Characteristics of a Premature Baby Each premature baby may show different characteristics. The following are the most common characteristics of a premature baby, often weighing less than 5 ½ lbs: Thin, shiny, pink or red skin Veins visible through skin Very little body fat Little scalp hair May have lots of lanugo (soft body hair) Weak [...]

Premature Babies

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Premature Babies The birth of a baby is naturally a happy event, but when that baby is born too early or is very sick, it can be a frightening experience. The healthcare team understands how shocking and upsetting it can be. To help make it easier, they will work with the parents and other family members [...]

Oh no! May baby has diaper rash. Now what?

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Diaper Rash Parents may feel as if they are terrible or doing something wrong when a diaper rash appears on their newborn. The truth is, sometimes even the most attentive parents may find their baby with a diaper rash. A diaper rash is mainly due to skin irritation. This irritation can be caused by diapers that [...]