Looking for some reading material during your Pregnancy? Here are some titles suggested by International Dula.

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There are so many options in childbirth preparation literature so they have done the work for you by breaking them down by Citizen (for the average woman, safe to give at a baby shower without offending); Seeker (for the woman who is looking into her options, but not yet sure what she wants); and Sold (for [...]

Time to reconsider cloth diapering?

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Cloth Diapers: The Basics For disposable users out there who wince when contemplating your family's personal contribution to the local landfill, cloth diapers are an option you may want to consider. They're not what they once were.Say goodbye to your notions of the pins, the big square pieces of cotton, leaky kids, and the daunting task [...]

Your infant’s first visit to the eye doc should happen between 6-12 month of age. Surprised?

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Public health experts recommend that children visit an eye care professional in the first year of life - one of the most critical stages of visual development - to identify the potential for eye and vision problems. In fact, Health People 2010, a set of health objectives for the nation to achieve over the first decade [...]