Introducing the
Babysense Video
Baby Monitor

Capture every precious moment of your little one

Babysense Video Baby Monitors feature high quality baby monitoring technology to provide parents peace of mind and an excellent user experience.

  • The monitor enables you to maintain a secure and private connection with your baby at all times.
  • Hear your baby with crystal clear sound quality.
  • The high quality LCD screen allows you to observe your sleeping or playing infant day and night.
About the product:
  • 2.4 Inch High Quality Color LCD Display with Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology – Provides high definition and stable streaming, secure interference-free connection and crystal clear digital vision & sound.
  • Two Way Talk Back Communication – Comfort your baby with the sound of your own voice by using the two-way talk back system.
  • Long Range – Up to 900 feet (open space) with out-of-range warning.
  • Auto Infrared Night Vision – Rest assured knowing you’ll see your baby day and night.
  • Rich Features – Room Temperature Monitoring with High/Low Temperature Alerts, Eco Mode Voice Activation, Sound Activated LED Indicators, Alarm/Timer Setting, 2x Digital Zoom, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras), Lullabies, Digital Pan/Tilt, Auto Scan View, Tabletop or Wall Mounting Options.

BabySense 7  

The Original Non-Contact Infant Movement Monitor

Sleep Assured Knowing Your Baby Is Constantly Being Monitored

When baby arrives, new parents want to ensure the safest possible sleeping environment for them. The BabySense baby movement monitor technology is an award-winning safety system that will increase a parent’s sense of comfort and allow them to rest better knowing their baby’s movements are being constantly monitored.

Babysense 7 is a highly sensitive non-touch device that monitors a baby’s micro-movements through the mattress during sleep and gives an alert to caretakers if the infant’s micro-movements stop or become irregularly slow.

Infant Movement Monitor BabySense Petite Clip

The BabySense Petite Clip is an easy to use, fully portable, baby movement monitor. Simply turn it on, clip to baby’s diaper and rest assured that baby’s movements are constantly being monitored almost anywhere they may fall asleep. This proactive monitor will gently vibrate to stimulate baby should no tummy movements be detected for 15 seconds. In some cases, such tactile stimulation is enough to reassert baby’s movement. If no further movement is detected for another 5 seconds, a sound and visual alarm is activated to alert a caretaker.

The Petite Clip was designed for baby’s safety and for your peace of mind.

There are no cords, cables, mains or anything to entangle or harm baby. The BabySense Petite Clip does not transmit or receive any waves so you can be confident your baby is safe.



My daughter stopped breathing when she was 5 weeks old, while we were holding her one evening. They were unable to find anything wrong with her after a series of tests and inpatient hospital stays. We never got an answer; they thought it would never happen again. Needless to say, we bought this monitor immediately after. We have been using it ever since and she is 9 months old. We have never had a false alarm. We know it works, because when we would pick her up and forget to turn it off, the alarm would sound. This has given us the peace of mind that we need to take care of her and ourselves.
New Mom
I purchased this monitor while expecting my first set of twins. I had always been very worried about SIDS so I thought I would gain peace of mind when I made this purchase. I was able to sleep well from the moment I started putting my babies in their bassinet knowing that the alarm would sound if they stop moving. We never had a false alarm for the entire 4 months they were in the bassinet. Unfortunately about 3 weeks after we put them into their crib the alarm sounded. I ran in there, and she wasn’t breathing at all, even after I picked her up. I had to vigorously stimulate her to get her to breathe. We discovered that she had silent reflux. The pediatrician has expressed his gratitude for this monitor. It is quite possible I wouldn’t have my beautiful sweet 1 year old girl around today.
This product saved my baby’s life. I never used a sensor with my first child, but purchased one for some odd reason for my second child. We have had the monitor for 5 months now with no false alarms. Last night it alarmed and my baby was faced down in the crib not breathing. I stimulated him and although he was pale, he took a big gasp of air. I don’t know what would have been if we didn’t have this monitor. As a mother of 2 and pediatric nurse, I think everyone should purchase this monitor.
I recently had a nephew die of SIDS – THIS MONITOR IS A MUST AND IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! It works great. We have never had a false alarm and have been using it for 10 months. Put both pads into the crib – b/c you’ll need to eventually when your little one starts to move around. Our babysitter also uses these montitors and swears it saved one girls life. My sister has used this product with both of her children (ages 2 years and 3 months) and a good friend has also used the monitor with her children. Both of them have nothing but positive things to say about the product. I also tried a movement monitor that went on my sons diaper for the times he was not in the crib – it did not work as well. I would buy this product for every new parent I know if I could afford it!
Working Mom

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